About Us


Cleveland Hospitality Professionals was created to differentiate the customers experience while improving an operation financial performance.

Hospitality Consulting Professionals provide one of the most experienced and diverse groups of consultants in the hospitality industry. Our innovative approach toward strategic planning and performance management allows our clients to achieve breakthrough success through the implementation of cutting-edge operations and marketing solutions. Unlike other business management consultants, our firm operates as a true strategic partner, providing our client organizations with an unbiased analysis of their organization, and following up with partnership toward the achievement of targeted goals.

Our Practical, real-world approach and vibrant tactical business planning will assist you in meeting the specific goals of your business.

We provide expertise in the following areas to allow our clients to grow as healthier and stronger organizations:

  • Hotel Management
  • Private Club Consulting
  • Restaurant Business Development
  • Targeted Strategic Planning
  • Developing Management Companies
  • Performance Management
  • Training Solutions


Cleveland Hospitality Professionals supports operation management with the effort to provide the very best for guests in today’s increasingly competitive and demanding environment.

  • We bring new resources to enhance your management performance.
  • Standards, policies and procedures are identified for consistent quality in service and operations.
  • Best practice principles, appropriate technology, and decades of management expertise are applied to enhance the operational efficiency and financial performance, with our key focus, as always, on quality, service, and innovation.
  • We pride ourselves on complimenting and enhancing the customer experience, not mandating it.
  • Food prepared fresh, chosen from exciting menus delivered to you with warmth and attention, not only defines who we are, but is our guarantee to you.