Staff Pricing

Cleveland Hospitality Staff Pricing

Dish Help $15.00 per hour (minimum of 6 hours)
Line Cooks $25.00 per hour (minimum of 6 hours)

Servers $20.00 per hour
Bartenders $20.00 per hour
Event Coordinator $35.00 per hour
Event Manager $45.00 per hour
Holidays add $5.00 per hour

Event Consulting $75.00 per hour

We add a ½ hour travel time for our staff, as we offer top trained hospitality professionals for your events.

Our staff attire is black dress pants, white sleeve button down shirt, black tie and soft rubber black shoes. All of CHP staff will have name tags.
We can accommodate other dress attire, however, there may be a fee associated with renting or purchasing special attire.